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Outsourcing Interviews - The Next Big Thing!!

While our previous post was revolving around some of the problem statements involved during the phase of interviewing and also the risk of losing amazing talents due to delayed interviews, let us take a look at some of the advantages of outsourcing interviews

Your Hiring Manager's Time is precious

A company performance in market is evaluated primarily based on the quality of work or products they deliver which requires a passionate team who can deliver in a fast paced environment. When the deliverable is hitting hard on the head it is really tough for a recruiter to depend on hiring managers specially for all levels of interviews i.e. right from screening and shortlisting a huge bunch of resumes till interviewing. Given this scenario, the concept of outsourcing interviews would be a great boon for any hiring manager since its going to remove the burden of screening, shortlisting and interviewing almost 50 to 60 resumes for filling a single position.

Save your money

Budgetting plays a …
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Outsourcing Interviews??? Why should I do that???

Outsourcing Interviews??? Is it possible??? ... Perhaps the first question to hit our heads...  But let's watch it through the eyes of an employer who struggles hiring the best talent for their company.. With an enormous amount of sourcing channels spread across the internet, identifying a talent is becoming more easy nowadays.. But we never knew the most toughest part for a HR from any company is to engage the talent and give them the best interview experience...

Being our first post lets take a quick look at the problems which we believe each of us face at the time of interviewing
1. Coding Interview / Coding Assignments - Think if your company really needs it!!!!
The newest form of assessing a talent without knowing what he/she is good at. We see many employers taking a big leap towards Coding interview platforms but end up hiring a very few. A new platform which consumes more time and money from you!!!

2. Increased Wait time - You may lose the talent to another company!!!